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Firefighter gives cat CPR and saves its life
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           Pet, CPR/First-Aid/Disaster Preparedness Certification Training
                                With Pet TECH instructor: Morgance Ellis #1246 
“Improving the Quality of Pets Lives, One Pet Owner at a Time”

Be Prepared
The Key is being prepared and knowing what to do in those first few moments to help your pet in any emergency situation. The Pet TECH Pet First-Aid/CPR/Disaster Preparedness certification will help you learn the skills necessary to become and stay prepared in the event of an emergency or disaster to help save an animals life and in everyday situations.
The Difference Between Life and Death
It is estimated that up to 60% of animal hospital visits are emergency in nature. If only ONE pet first-aid skill or CPR technique where applied it could mean the difference between life and death in 1 out of 4 pets according to the American Animal Hospital Association.
Who is Pet TECH?
Pet Tech, Inc. is the first national training center dedicated to first-aid and care for dogs and cats. Knowing the life saving skills and techniques of pet first-aid is a very important part of being a caring conscientious, responsible and loving pet owner. The Pet Tech team is dedicated to the health, safety, care and welfare of pets.

      “Use your head! Be careful with your hands, because you have a heart!”
Your head, your hands and your heart are your most important tools as they may be the only things you have to use!  In this class you will learn to use all of these to help
save an animal's life.

***Pet First-Aid/CPR is not intended to replace proper veterinarian care and treatment for any situation. Responsible advice and treatment of veterinary care should always be included in the care of your animal companions.
Pet TECH Products

Knowing Your Pet's Health
A Guide for Optimal Wellness
from Snout-To-Tail

Since Pet TECH Pet First Aid Classes are not yet available everywhere, we have written this informative book that will give you a jumpstart in knowing your pet's health.

In this guide, you will find the following:
Pet Emergency Preparedness Tips
Poisoning/Plant & Household Pet Poisons
Assessing Your Pet's Vitals
Knowing Your Pet's Health Chart
The "Snout-To-Tail" Assessment & Worksheet
Pet Health Insurance Tips
Choosing A Pet Care Professional

Here's what Dear Abby had to say about Knowing Your Pet's Health:
"Because pet first-aid classes are not available everywhere, I'm sure your booklet will save the lives of companion animals that might not otherwise survive. I commend you for providing such a readable and easy-to-understand guide." - September, 2001

Available for purchase at classes 
$14.95 & you can order them through www.PetTECH.net
**Ask me about the special prices for fundraisers**
"The Fort Collins Cat Rescue"  is Pet TECH Certified  

Just Some of the Things Your Will Learn 

- 50 + Actions For Survival
- Why It Is So Important To Know What is Normal
- Emergency Situations
- Priorities of Emergency Care
- Situations Requiring Immediate Vet Care
- Restraint and Muzzling
- Rescue Breathing
- CPR-Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
- Assessing Pets Vitals
- Recording Vitals & Why its Important
- Choking Management
- Bleeding Protocols
- Fractures and Limb Injuries
- First-Aid/How to Dress Wounds
- Poisonous Substances
- Insect Bites and Stings
- Snakebites-Poisonous/Non Poisonous
- HeatStroke/Burns
- Frost Nip/ Frostbite
- Seizures/Convulsions
- Snout-to-Tail-Jury Assessment
- Snout-to-Tail-Wellness Assessment
- Keeping Health Records Up to Date
- Administering Medications
- Care of Senior Animals
- Dental Homecare
- Holiday Dangers & How to Prevent Them
- Create an Emergency Plan
- Emergency Preparedness Checklist
- Evaluate Disaster Risks in Your Area
- Hunt for Home Disasters
- Your Community Disaster Plan
- Disaster Kit for Each Animal
- Disaster Preparedness for Dogs, Cats,                         
     Horses, Livestock, Poultry, Pocket Pets

- Pet First Aid Kits & How to Prepare & Use Contents  
- Why Pet ID Photo’s Are So Important
- Neighbor Buddy System
- Where to Go With Your Pet(s) in a Disaster            
- Identify Several Possible Evacuation Locations
- What You Need to Know and Do to Evacuate
- How to Practice Fire Safety
- Helping Others with Their Animals
- Comforting Your Pets During a Disaster
- Pet ID tags & Microchips
- Know Your Vet's Emergency/Disaster Plans
- Acupressure points for emergency situations
- Acupressure points for daily health and wellbeing
- Outback Hiking With Your Dogs
- What You Can Do If You Cannot Get To A Vet
After completing this class you will never look at animals the same again. You will notice things you never did before and have the confidence to handle many different emergency and daily situations for animals. It gives both the pet owner and the pet professional the knowledge and skills to be able to see possible life threating indications and signs in emergency situations in your own beloved animal companion and those of your clients. As a pet professional you will come across many animals of different ages and health situations where the information you learn will be of great benefit to you and your cilents pets. You will know what items to have in a first-aid kit and how and when to use them.

You will know how to handle situations when you are out back hiking with your dog(s) should you not be able to get to a vet right away, understanding how to deal with nature's environment and its animal life. You will know how to be prepared, respond and help yourself and your pets in the event of a disaster and so much more in becoming and staying a knowledgable, skilled, caring and responsible pet owner.  

                                                       Lava & Morgance
About Morgance Ellis -
more info "About"

Certified & Experienced Dog Trainer. Morgance rehabilitates & trains Service Dogs and pet dogs and educates owners using behavioral techniques that mimic how dogs learn and communicate with each other in nature. More info on
Service Dog Training

Morgance is a certified Anaflora Animal Communicator and  Anaflora Flower Essence Practitioner studying many years with Sharon Callahan refining her natural, uniqnue gifts of healing, a Reiki Master, Teacher and Practitioner, TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupressure and 5 Elements Practitioner. She finds healing arts to be very benefical to the healing, balancing, restoring and centering of the animals.

A professional certified and experienced horse trainer using a style that is gentle & patient and using the horses own language to establish a safe, trusting and respectful partnership with the horse. Learning these skills is so important in helping both the horse and owner to understand each other. It respects each horse as an individual and allows them to learn on their own timeline of comprehension.

Her many years of experience include being a vet tech, volunteer medical team member of a Southern California Animal Shelter, cat, dog and horse training, handling and caring of deaf and blind animals, special needs and senior animals, managing single handed a feral cat colony for 15 years. She teaches how to prepare balanced homemade vegetarian meals for cats & dogs with products from HOANNA.

Morgance now dedicates her lifes's  work full time to helping animals of all species and the people who share their lives with them on this planet we all call home helping to bring the consciousness of all to a higher spiritual level of understanding and respect.
           "Don’t forget to bring your most cherished pet photo’s to share."
Horse First-Aid & Care Certifications    

Horse First-Aid/CPR/Care/Disaster Preparedness classes
First-Aid for horses is very important for horse owners so they know what to do in an emergency situation and how to handle everyday health care. How to take vitals. Keeping a health log and knowing what is normal for your horse so you know what is not normal. What to do if you can't get your horse to the vet or your vet out to you. What you can do before the vet arrives, and so much more... 

Caring for your horse on a daily basis. In depth infomation on nutrition, hoof care, pasture management and more...
2009 Graduate:  Colorado Front Range Community College in their 2 1/2 year "Professional Equine Mangement Program." She has 42 certificates covering indepth horse care including training horses for all ages, re-schooling horses, riding lessons for owners, horse psychology, genetics, anatomy, health care, nutrition, customized feeding programs, hoof care, stallion-mare-foal care, and the list goes on and on...

Morgance is also available for phone consultations, webinars and sessions in person.  
Please see her "Contact Us" page for more Information and for information on her services for Horses.

Pets Care News and Tips

New Bedford firefighter Al Machado saves a cat with mouth to mouth resuscitation (CPR) at a Summer street fire on Sept. 9, 2008.
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Morgance Published Articles

Morgance writes articles on Pet Care for Cats, Dogs, Horses & Bunnies, from health care, acupressure, training, homemade vegetarian meals, special needs, and day to day life with animals both domestic and wild, making the world a better place for all species.

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